Cicada pee is the newest thing to watch out for this summer

If you've felt some drops falling from the sky even when it's not raining outside, we've got some bad news for you - it might be cicada pee.

Cicadas do more than just make noise as they also drink a lot of water to regulate their body temperature, just like humans do.

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FOX 5 anchors Jeannette Reyes, Steve Chenevey and Marissa Mitchell reacted to video of a cicada relieving itself in the trees on air Wednesday morning.


"That is the worst video I've ever seen in my life," Chenevey said.

"So, now you guys tell me this," Reyes said. "That is everything that Marissa and I ingested."

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Reyes and Mitchell volunteered to eat cooked cicadas last week after learning how to prepare them from a chef.

"This whole video is…I can't," Mitchell said.

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So the next time you're at the park or in the woods and hear the cicadas, don't look up and keep an umbrella handy.