Gov. Youngkin tamps down speculation about 2024 presidential run, says he's keeping his sights on Virginia

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is still a subject of speculation as many want to know if he’ll be running for president in 2024. 

In a rare D.C. appearance, Youngkin spoke about the possibility of a White House run and said he isn't giving up on Virginia being home to a new NFL stadium and the Washington Commanders.

For nearly an hour Tuesday fielded questions on several debates underway in Virginia, including a 15-week abortion ban and parental involvement in schools. 

But Youngkin turned heads when asked about what the host called "the elephant in the room": the possibility of him joining the crowded pool of Republican presidential candidates.

The governor was interviewed by historian, billionaire and philanthropist David Rubenstein at the Washington Economic Club

Youngkin said he was "humbled" by the continued speculation about his possible candidacy but said for now, he’s focusing exclusively the state elections to decide control of Virginia’s general assembly. 

"It is really exciting to see that there are folks not just in Virginia but outside Virginia both in the United States and around the world who are really excited about what we are doing in Virginia," Youngkin said. 

While Youngkin wouldn’t say if he’s running for president, the governor did make it clear he believes that the Commonwealth is still in the running to land the Commanders new stadium. 

Last week, a congressional committee voted to turn the RFK site over to D.C. to allow redevelopment, but Youngkin says Virginia will continue to pursue the team.

"My job as governor is to represent taxpayers and if we can represent taxpayers, well that’s a negotiation I'd look forward to having," Youngkin said. "I’ve been very clear I’d like to engage for the opportunity for the Commanders to come to Virginia." 

Youngkin wouldn’t say he’d accept a vice-presidential running mate officer from GOP front-runner Donald Trump but had harsh words for President Joe Biden, questioning Biden’s handling of the economy and ability to handle the rigors of a presidential schedule. 

Republicans will hold their second presidential debate on Wednesday night.