Humid, mostly clear Sunday across DC region; Storms possible Labor Day Monday

It's going to be a hot, humid, and mostly clear Labor Day Sunday across the D.C. region.

Temperatures Sunday will start off in the 70s before topping out in the upper 80s. Adding to the high temperatures, it will be a humid day thanks to rising dew points.

Despite, the heat it will be a dry day for most of the D.C. region. Areas out to the far west of D.C., along I-81 in Virginia, could see some scattered showers pass through in the afternoon.

Some areas may get thin cloud cover for parts of the day, but we should still see plenty of sunshine for any holiday weekend festivities.

Unfortunately, the clear conditions will not stick around for our Labor Day Monday. 

Most of the area will be under cloud cover throughout the day, and storms are possible throughout the afternoon. High temperatures on Monday will be in the 80s.

More storms are expected to hit the region on Tuesday. 

After that, we are looking at drier and cooler conditions, as high temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday are expected to dip into the 70s.