First-time homebuyer? See the typical weather you can expect in the top 10 best markets

First-time homebuyers might look for affordability when shopping for that perfect starter, but have you ever considered what the typical weather looks like? reminds buyers to be flexible to land a house in the coming year. They also are helping by showcasing the best markets for first-time homebuyers.

The housing website looked at a number of qualities that make a town attractive, including affordability, livability and where it might be easier for young buyers to break into the housing market.

Aside from the strong job markets, short commute times, plenty of places to eat and drink, a younger population, affordability, and more homes to choose from, the weather might also factor in your decision.

FOX Weather Senior Data Specialist Shane Brown has cross-referenced the top 10 markets and provided the typical weather you can expect in these best towns. Without further ado, we take you to No. 10 on the list:


No. 10: Somersworth, New Hampshire

The median home list price in Somersworth, New Hampshire, is $329,900, according to 

Located about a half-hour northwest of Portsmouth and about two hours north of Boston, the area typically sees 24 snowy days a year, with the snowiest year recorded in 1995-96 at 98.6 inches of snowfall. The average yearly snowfall for Somersworth is 53 inches.


No. 9: Mattdale, New York

The small New York town of Mattdale, a rural suburb just north of Syracuse, has its claim to fame as having been the one-time home to L. Frank Baum, who wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," reports.

A median home list price sits at $128,900. The price might be comparably low, but the average number of rainy days a year is the highest out of all 10 cities listed in this report coming in at 173 days.

Don't forget about the snow. Average snow totals reach 127.6 inches annually with 66 snowy days a year.

No. 8: Watervliet, New York

Nestled across the Hudson River and less than 15 minutes from New York’s capital of Albany sits the "Arsenal City," as Watervliet is known, reports. A median home list price sits at $228,300.

For those who like hot summers and cold winters, the city has seen a record high of 102 and a record low of negative 28 degrees. An average high in Watervliet is 59 degrees with a low at 39. 


No. 7: Eggertsville, New York

Located about 15 minutes northeast of Buffalo near the Canadian border in upstate New York marks Eggertsville. According to, the market has benefited from its proximity to Buffalo. A median home list price will set you back $230,800.

If the price sounds reasonable, the snow annual snow amounts might be socking. Those living in the Buffalo suburb typically see about 59 snowy days a year with total average annual snowfall rates of 95 inches, the second highest on this list next to Mattdale.

No. 6: Magna, Utah

If you've been keeping tabs on the who's who of top markets for first-time homebuyers over the years, you might recall Magna, Utah, as the top destination for first-time homebuyers last year. 

"You are close to everything. You’re close to the airport, you’re close to the city, good interstate access," real estate broker Joel Carson, of Utah Real Estate in nearby Salt Lake City, told 

Magna is also close to several large ski resorts, he added.

A typical year has 31 snow days with an average annual snowfall of 51.8 inches. While you can expect it to rain about 92 days a year in Magna, the town only gets 15.52 inches of water equivalent precipitation a year.

No. 5: Moore, Oklahoma

From a weather perspective, Moore, Oklahoma, stands out at No. 5 because it was struck by deadly EF-5 tornado on May 20, 2013. The tornado claimed 24 lives and caused billions of dollars in damage. In addition to the tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds cause damage in many areas.

Another tornado in 1999 killed about three dozen people and injured hundreds more. Nearly 2 dozen other tornadoes have been reported since 1950.

Moore, however, has the fewest days of rain and among the lowest annual rainfall on the list.

Located just 15 minutes south of Oklahoma City, Moore has more homes for sale in their city than in many of the others on the list, reports. Most of the newly built houses average around $300,000 with a median home list price at $220,000.

No. 4: Gloucester City, New Jersey

With a median home list price of $160,000, the blue-collar town of Gloucester City was recently named the cheapest city in New Jersey by 

Another number that is low is the average snow days a year. Gloucester City only sees about 12 days a year with recordable snowfall. The snowiest season only saw 78.7 inches set back in 2009-10.

No. 3: Windsor Locks, Connecticut

The Hartford, Connecticut, metro area is one of the nation’s hottest housing markets and was named the top real estate market for 2023 by Those living in surrounding suburbs, like Windsor Locks, are happy to hear the news. Median homes list for $239,900.

Highs reach an average of 61 degrees, with lows at 41. Precipitation levels reach 47.05 inches a year with 130 days on average with rain.


No. 2: DeForest, Wisconsin

If you ever get lost in Wisconsin and you stumble across a giant, pink elephant sculpture outside a gas station, you've made it DeForest. It is a popular attraction with tourists and locals, according to The median home list price is nothing to toot your horn over, however, at $389,900 with most of the listings in the town for land in newly planned communities, the site reports.

Another high mark for the town is the 107 degrees set as record high – compare that with the negative 37 degrees as a record low. Temperature average about 47 degrees annually.

No. 1: Portsmouth, Virginia

Coming in at No. 1 on's list is the historic seaport city of Portsmouth, near Norfolk. The website reports the town has become popular with first-time and other buyers for its affordability for the desirable Hampton Roads region. A median home list price is $239,000.

High temperatures averaged through the year reach about 70 degrees, with an annual average temperature of 61. Rainy days are somewhat minimal at just 118 days in a typical year. 

If you are looking for snow, you won't find much of it in Portsmouth thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The town averages recording only 4 snowy days a year. The average yearly snowfall amount reaches 8.5 inches.

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