DC may set record for consecutive days with rain as wet month continues

Try and remember the last day it didn't rain in D.C.…give up? Two weeks ago!

Every day for the last two weeks (the rain expected on Tuesday would be day 14) D.C. has recorded at least a trace of rain falling from the sky! We have been (as FOX 5's Gary McGrady would say) stuck in the yuck since April 26.

What's the deal? The current forecast is due to moisture off of the coast. In our area - off to the north - we're seeing showers. To the south of us - thunderstorms are in the mix.

And that's not the worst part! More rain is in the forecast and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. In fact, we are on pace to set a rain record in the D.C. region.

The record for consecutive days with rainfall in the D.C. region was set back in 1935 with 17 days in a row from March 31 to April 16.

Currently, we are at 13 consecutive days (we'll wait to see about Tuesday - but looking at the radar it looks like a sure thing) of at least a trace of rainfall at Reagan National Airport.

Showers are expected Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - which would take us to 17 straight days - giving us a tie. On Saturday, it looks like we could pass the record with the 18th day in a row of rain.

Sorry the news isn't better - but try to think of the bright side. The rain will bring healthy lawns, beautiful flowers, and plentiful crops. Plus, summer is only about 40 days a way.

Keep your head up…or covered...AND TRY TO STAY DRY!