Mayo-Free Summer Sides

Chef and Cookbook author Brian Theis joins FOX 5 to make some mayo-free summer sides.

Sabrina Carpenter addresses Skims campaign hate

Sabrina Carpenter gave Taylor Swift a call before she did the Skims campaign, Bridgerton star also poses for ethereal Skims photoshoot and Usher talks about his daily diet. Find your viral daily stories on Celebrity Dish.

Food safety in the summer

Virginia Tech food safety expert Katheryn Parraga-Estrada joins FOX 5 to discuss the best ways to keep food safe in a heat wave.

Soccer and mental health

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober joins FOX 5 to discuss how soccer helps kids work on their mental health.

Inside Out sequel makes $155 million during its debut

Inside Out sequel is making a killing in the box office this year with ticket sales skyrocketing at $155 million during opening. Kevin McCarthy sits down with the voices of "fear" and "disgust" from the newest Inside Out movie to talk about how they got into their characters.

JLO & Ben headed for divorce: TMZ

TMZ investigates in new Hulu documentary, the missed warning signs from both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck leading to looming divorce.