Tips on avoiding mosquitoes this summer

As we inch closer to the start of summer and all the wonderful things that come with the season change we also get closer to those pesky bug bites that come with outdoor picnics and parties. Entomology Professor Mike Raupp joined us with a refresher on avoiding mosquitoes!

Local woman wins Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year

A local woman was recently awarded the revered title of 2022 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. Her work in mobilizing military partners, families, and veterans to vote and advocate for their communities made her the perfect recipient. Sarah Streyder joined us to discuss the honor and more.

Fashion line raises awareness for mental health

Master P and luxury high fashion designer Debbie Sawaf join the show to tell us about their new fashion line collaboration, called "The Power of Words," that is aimed at uplifting people dealing with mental health issues.

Simple summertime exercises

Fitness trainer Tiana Joelle joins the show to share some quick summertime workouts you can do before and during your vacations.