Breaking the Caps Curse: FOX 5 helps the Washington Capitals move toward the Stanley Cup

Here's the deal! We can't let our Washington Capitals collapse in the playoffs again. Right now we're sitting at 2 - 1 against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the NHL playoffs. A win and we're tied - a loss and our backs are against the wall.

Because we'll do anything for our boys in red, white, and blue - Allison, Holly, and Tucker broke out the cauldron, the magic potions and the book of spells to try and break the 'Caps Curse.'

Don't believe in curses? Well, just take a look at these Caps facts:

- Since joining the league in 1974, (42 seasons), the team has made just 1 Stanley Cup appearance

- The team has had 10 horrible collapses since the 1985 season

- They have not made it past the second round since 1998

- And maybe most troubling…they are 1-7 against the Penguins in the playoffs

You can help break the 'Caps Curse' too - just cross your fingers; put your jersey on inside out; do whatever you were doing during their overtime win in game one. Do whatever it takes!

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