The Good Word: Kelvin Truitt

Former pastor turned country music singer Kelvin Truitt joins us on THE GOOD WORD podcast.  Truitt is a singer, songwriter and storyteller based in Los Angeles, California!  

He says he sets himself apart by putting a contemporary R&B twist on traditional country music. Kelvin has used his unique sound to not only heal and empower others but himself as well. A true family man, his biggest inspirations to follow his dreams are his sons.  

As a single father, Kelvin has used his adversities as an opportunity to rebuild his life and explore his passion for music. He lives his life by the "TRU Love Beliefs" system, a mantra structured on approaching all aspects of life delicately and using love as the guiding light.  

Kelvin uses his music as an opportunity to bring hope and inspiration to those struggling. He uses music to create a voice for the voiceless and to empower those who feel unseen and unheard.

Kelvin’s goal is to live his life to the fullest so he can "die empty." Although music is his passion, Kelvin is also an accomplished entrepreneur who has built many businesses from the ground up. 

It is important to him that he leaves nothing as an aspiration and inspires others while he can.  He says his message to THE GOOD WORD podcast listeners is, "Trouble don’t last always!" 


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