Rambling and Gambling: NFL week 12 with Ed Feng

It’s the Rambling and Gambling pod’s first-ever guest with a Stanford PhD!! Ed Feng of The Power Rank joins Josh to talk best bets for NFL week 12, why he left academia for gambling, a little college football, and Ed throws out a few book recommendations too. 

Rambling and Gambling: NFL Week 10 with Andy Molitor

Andy Molitor of The Deep Dive Podcast joins Josh to preview NFL week 10 and a whole lot more. Includes best bets, another crowd pleasing 2-team teaser, a little college basketball talk, and the guys recount Andy’s very brief history as a would-be competitive eater. 

Rambling and Gambling: NFL Week 9 with Fabian Sommer

NFL handicapper Fabian Sommer joins Josh to talk all things week 9. Includes best bets, a crowd pleasing 2-team teaser in Josh’s Juice, and a great story about how the TV show King of Queens inspired a teenage Fabian to start watching the NFL in his native Germany.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 171

Patrick and Sarah cover a lot of local news including: Montgomery County's latest Covid rules, changing a high school football game playing time due to numerous fights, and a new test program that will hand out $800 to 300 low-income families without restrictions. 

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 169

Patrick and Sarah discuss Jon Gruden resigning as head coach of the Raiders. What did ESPN know about his homophobic and misogynistic emails?