The Paolini Perspective: Episode 233

Patrick and Sarah discuss Tom Brady's breaking news about retirement for the second time, and their thoughts on the Super Bowl matchup. 

ON THE HILL: US sends military tanks to Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, the United States has decided to send 31 military tanks to the country to help Ukrainian forces. The Biden Administration made the decision this week after previously saying it would not send tanks. Retired Army Major Mike Lyons joins the show to talk about the decision, and the latest developments in the war.

ON THE HILL: Groups rally for justice for Tyre Nichols after bodycam footage release

Groups have been rallying for justice across the country after police released bodycam footage in the death of Tyre Nichols, who died days after being beaten by five police officers during a traffic stop in Memphis on January 7. Phillip Thompson, the Legal Redress Chair for the Loudoun County NAACP, joins the show to talk about how local officials are responding to the video.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 232

Patrick and Sarah discuss the latest round of problems for President Biden as even more classified documents are found in his Delaware home. Looking at the NFL playoffs, how good a QB is Dax Prescott? Plus, they share their thoughts on Alec Baldwin being charged with involuntary manslaughter, TV to watch, and more lies being revealed about George Santos. 

ON THE HILL: Debt ceiling crisis

The U.S. government bumped up against its debt limit Thursday forcing the Treasury Department to take accounting steps to avoid a default. Neil Bradley, Executive Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joins the show to tell us about the debt limit crisis, and what he thinks should be done to fix it.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 231

Patrick and Sarah discuss President Biden's classified document probe. What does this mean for Trump's investigation? Will this impact President Biden's approval ratings? 

ON THE HILL: Is the US headed for a recession?

Speculation continues among economists about whether the U.S. is headed for a recession. Nick Timiraos from the Wall Street Journal joins On The Hill to talk about what the future holds for the U.S. economy.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 230

Patrick and Sarah discuss Kevin McCarthy's long path to becoming House Speaker. Plus, the latest with The Commanders, will they fire Ron Rivera? 

ON THE HILL: Cuban spy released from prison after 20 years

Ana Montes was freed from prison after serving more than 20 years for being a Cuban spy in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. This week the book "Code Name Blue Wren" was released detailing Montes' story. The author of the book Jim Popkin joins On The Hill to tell us more about Montes and the book.

ON THE HILL: McCarthy elected House speaker after chaotic week

After days of voting, Republican Kevin McCarthy finally was selected as the U.S. House speaker early Saturday morning after a chaotic week that included holdouts from his own ranks and tensions boiling over on the floor. Political correspondents Siobhan Hughes and Mitchell Miller join FOX 5's On The Hill program to talk about the wild week in Congress.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 229

New Year, new episode! Patrick and Sarah return to talk about Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football. Did the NFL handle the emergency correctly?