The Good Word: Tiffany Smith

"Your faith is the fuel to create anything that is possible," says Chicago journalist and author, Love of Food and Travel founder Tiffany Smith who joins us on THE GOOD WORD podcast to discuss her new book MSOMAJI’S MAGIC CARPET!

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 143

Patrick and Sarah chat the hypocrisy of the NCAA when it comes to women's and men's basketball. The disgraceful gym that was given to the women vs the men and more.

Siege On Democracy: Raskin Doctrine

In the sixth episode of Siege On Democracy we talk to Congressman Jamie Raskin about losing a child, fleeing a mob and impeaching a President. Plus why he believes Trump could still be barred from holding office.

Siege On Democracy: A House Divided

The fourth episode of Siege On Democracy is about a family that will never be the same after Jan. 6. A father in jail, a son turned FBI informant and a mother who says her family and her heart are broken. 

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 140

Patrick and Sarah chat Gov. Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations, his statement that he won't resign, and should Gov. Cuomo have been appearing on CNN with his brother ever?