The Paolini Perspective: Episode 133

Patrick and Sarah discuss the terrible events at the Capitol, and the need for President Trump to be impeached or invoking the 25th Amendment.

The Paolini Perspective Episode 129

Patrick and Sarah talk the Trump administration refusing offer to buy millions more Pfizer vaccine doses, plus how detrimental to children's health is it to not be in school.

The Good Word: Marisha Wallace

Actress and singer Marisha Wallace joins us on The Good Word podcast! Marisha is best known for her musical theatrical performances.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 128

Patrick and Sarah recap their Thanksgiving breaks, plus the latest with the Trump campaign trying to hold onto a failing election recount.

The Good Word: Phil Thornton

Norfolk, Virginia, native and music executive and RCA Inspiration Senior VP and General Manager Phil Thornton joins us on The Good Word podcast.

Unconventional Wisdom: Kenny 'The Jet' Smith

From basketball champion to the broadcast booth, Kenny "The Jet" Smith knows his stuff and dropping knowledge like he used to drop 3-pointers for the Houston Rockets.