Mansion Murders Trial: Daron Wint's brother takes the stand

The Mansion Murders trial resumed Monday with testimony from one of Daron Wint's brothers.

Stefon Wint spent several hours on the stand being grilled by the defense as he answered questions about where he was in May 2015 when the killings took place.

More than three weeks ago when Daron Wint's defense team told the jury in opening statements their theory in the case, Stefon Wint and his brother, Darrell, were named as the real killers and Daron was duped into the crime.

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On the stand, Stefon Wint testified that he first heard about the defense's theory on the news. Not too long afterwards, prosecutors got in touch with him about taking the stand.

Stefon Wint remained cool under intense questioning from defense attorney Judith Pipe about phone calls he made to his brother just before and during the time Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, their son Philip and housekeeper Vera Figueroa were held hostage and then killed in May 2015.

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The jury heard that Darrell Wint was with his brother, Daron, when he was arrested, but Darrell has not been charged in the case and has not testified so far.

Stefon Wint admitted that he could not be excluded from a hair found inside the home, but told the jury he had nothing to do with the crime and had never been to the Savopoulos' house on Woodland Drive.

The jury also learned in court that there was bad blood between Stefon and Daron and that Stefon kicked his brother out after he had been abusive to his sister.

However, the prosecutor asked Stefon in front of the jury whether or not had he testified to the grand jury. He said he had done that and the prosecutor said he was not a suspect in the murders.