'You big whiner!' Twitter again takes aim at wrong Kevin McCarthy

Every so often the Twitter universe comes down hard on FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy – but for all the wrong reasons! See -- for years, online users have confused our Kevin – with House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

Yesterday, when the GOP's McCarthy was in the news – our Kevin took some heat! But our guy always takes it in stride – and turns the hate into a chance to leave a movie recommendation or two!

"You big whiner! America is tired if your BS," one Twitter user wrote our Kevin. "Pelosi was smart to remove the two insurrection-supporting Jim's. All they would do is try to obstruct the committee & the truth. So big raspberry to you."

"Wait, is this because I like Shyamalan's THE VILLAGE?" our FOX 5's Kevin replied.


"Kevin McCarthy TV IS CRYING," another Twitter user wrote. "Buckle up buttercup you got some explaining to do! Speaker Pelosi SUBPOENA McCarthy."

"Wait, is this because I cry at the end of TERMINATOR 2 every single time?" our Kevin wrote back! "I mean, listen, when he puts his thumb up, I lose it. Not going to apologize for that."

No hard feelings, Kevin says to his online haters! Just remember -- the next time you're ready to lash out and make your bureaucratic feelings known -- @KevinMcCarthyTV is for our movie reviewer extraordinaire and @GOPLeader is for the politician!