Twitter still confusing FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy for House Minority Leader

Let me tell you something, Kevin McCarthy! No – not you! The other Kevin McCarthy!

FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy sticks to the flicks. No politics for this movie reviewer.

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But that doesn't mean some people looking for a political 'war of the words' don't find him online.

For years, our Kevin has received tweets aimed at another notable man of the same name -- House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Most of the time – the tweets aren't pretty! He's been called everything from an 'idiot' to 'scum' to 'a very stupid man' -- and everything in between.


And we can't forget this gem from 2018 that reads in part, "McCarthy just needs to go away."

Well, he hasn't gone away – in fact – our Kevin takes it all in stride! Instead of keeping the hate alive – Kevin often times writes back with an offer of friendship and a movie review!

Take this message from last summer that reads, "@KevinMcCarthyTV how dare you grandstand; ur no better than the rest of pack."

"Wrong (Kevin McCarthy) but let's go along for a beautiful cinematic ride of friendship, shall we?!?" our Kevin wrote. "You mentioned 'grand' and it reminded me of Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel!"

Our Kevin has met the lawmaker – who is fully aware of the mix-up and sometimes jumps in to have some fun of his own!

So remember this -- the next time you're ready to lash out and make your feelings known -- @KevinMcCarthyTV is for our movie reviewer extraordinaire and @GOPLeader is for the politician.

But if you screw up -- and call our Kevin a not-so-nice name – you might just get an olive branch and a hand-picked movie review in return!