Woodbridge man committed to helping the homeless in his community

A Woodbridge man is devoting his life to helping those who need it the most.

Rich Garon spends his free time providing food and heat to members of the homeless community who live in tents.

A homeless woman named Spirit lives alone in a tent. She says it wasn't always the case.

Coming from a checkered family life, she was forced to move out of her home in upstate New York. She landed in Virginia, jobless and homeless.

The extreme cold makes it difficult for her during the night, which is why Rich Garon routinely visits Spirit armed with food and propane tanks to keep her warm.

Garon says he started doing this seven years ago because it's a facet of life that regularly goes unnoticed.

"I think as more time you spend with people, you recognize they're human beings just like you are. They have problems they got opportunities they got holes they have a lot of things. I think I mentioned briefly that we were able to get two people out of the woods and into studio apartments," said Garon.

"I have survived a lot and I mean a lot. But the thing is is that I'm blessed with the fact that they help me out and other people have done the same. Like I said, the people that I have panhandled and have me money to buy the things that I need to survive have blessed me in many ways. More ways than they realize," she said.

Anyone who wishes to donate can visit the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center or donate to:

Servants at Work (SAW)
P.O. Box 4608
Woodbridge, VA