Woman reunites with puppy after rescuing him from abuse

A valley man sits behind bars, accused of beating a Golden Retriever puppy with an iron rod. Luckily, that dog survived, thanks to a neighbor.

On Friday, Heather Frazer not only got to meet the little guy she saved, but she got a surprise too.

For weeks, Frazer heard a dog's cries near her home, but couldn't pinpoint where they were coming from.

"Raine's cries.. that's an understatement. Those were so much more than a cry for help. That was blood curdling and scary," she said.

After following those cries to Shundong Hu's apartment, she called the police. Once they arrived at the scene, they found Raine, who had been badly beaten with an iron rod. Hu was then arrested for animal cruelty.

"As a person, we are so much stronger. Why would you pick on something that is so defenseless and small and doesn't even stand a chance against you? It's cruel and it's cowardly and it's 100 percent wrong," said Frazer.

Frazer thought she was just meeting with Raine for an update, but there was a much bigger surprise. The Arizona Humane Society told her she wasn't only the pup's hero, but his new mom, which brought her to tears.

"I didn't know it would be a possibility, but it's really not describable, it's amazing."

Police say this story goes to show you if you see or hear something, say something.

"If you hear something, even if you don't know where it's coming from, we'll send officers out or you can call the humane society who's very diligent at responding and they'll respond multiple times if they feel the call is a valid threat," said Detective Richard Fairclough of the Tempe Police Department.