Woman found dead in laundry room at Adelphi apartment building

Prince George's County police are investigating the homicide of a woman at an apartment complex in Adelphi.

What happened inside a laundry room at the apartment building in the 7400 block of 18th Avenue remains a mystery after police said they found a dead woman after being called by neighbors to perform a welfare check.

Detectives, crime scene technicians and police K-9s showed up at around 9 a.m. Monday and remained on scene scouring this Adelphi neighborhood in search of any leads until sunset.

The laundry room remains sealed, but through the window, you can see signs of blood inside. Residents said a key is needed to get inside the laundry room.

"This door is usually locked," said one resident. "Even on Sundays, the door is sometimes always locked until somebody comes and opens it."

Detectives say the death of the woman, identified as 29-year-old Ashley Solano, was a result of trauma, but would not go into specific details. Investigators said Tuesday that the crime does not appear to be random.

Safety in this neighborhood is a concern for some residents.

"Some other days, we have heard gunshots before in the neighborhood," said another resident.

Police tweeted that detectives are working to establish suspects and a motive.