Woman finds maggots on clothes she ordered

A woman in the United Kingdom got an unwanted item when she opened her package containing the clothes she ordered.

Her items were stained and contained maggots. 

Lamorna Knuckey posted a video on TikTok showing one maggot crawling on a pair of gym leggings. She also showed the stain on the leggings. She told Storyful she saw at least two maggots, but "didn’t want to look too closely" after that.

Knuckey said that the leggings in the video were Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 Leggings in black marl. 

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She said she contacted Gymshark following the incident and was given a refund.

"The captions and comments on TikTok are 100% correct, " a Gymshark spokesperson told Storyful. "This isn’t ok."

"Creating the best experience possible for everyone within the Gymshark community is our number one priority, and this experience falls far short. For that, we’re really sorry," the spokesperson continued. "We’re currently speaking to, and compensating, the affected customer and investigating how this could have happened. Once we’ve found answers, we’ll take all actions necessary to make sure this experience is never repeated."

This story was reported from Los Angeles.