Woman arrested after calling 911 with Chinese food complaint

ALLIANCE, Ohio - Bad Chinese food may be a disappointment but, as a dissatisfied diner learned the hard way, it is definitely not an emergency.

44-year-old Tracey McCloud is facing charges after placing the call to dispatchers.

"I'm at Main Moon," she can be heard saying in an audio recording. "I have bought some Chinese food and it's not to par to me and I asked to get my money back and they're acting like they don't understand me, and they took my food and won't give me my money back."

"And this is why you called 911," the dispatcher can be heard asking.

"What am I supposed to do? Jump over the thing and beat them up to get my money back," asked McCloud on the audio recording.

"No, but you could have called the regular police line instead of the life-threatening emergency line," the dispatcher said.

McCloud faces charges of misuse of 911 after placing the call.