As Wes Moore takes office, Maryland also races to update signage with the Governor's name

Gov. Wes Moore and Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller were sworn in on Wednesday. With a new Governor comes many changes. Some that have to happen right away - and some over time.

One of those often requiring workers to move fast is the signage that includes the Governor's name at state borders, on construction signs and more. 

However, some signage and licenses will adorn the previous administration's name (Gov. Hogan & Lt. Gov. Hutchinson) for some time. 


On Wednesday morning just before inauguration, Maryland’s State Highway Administration changed the wording on 24 state welcome signs (two of which are Maryland Transportation Authority signs) across the State. Not only did they install Gov. Moore’s name - they also added his slogan, "Leave No One Behind." This replaced Gov. Hogan’s slogan, "We’re open for business." 

A spokesperson for the Maryland State Highway Administration told FOX 5 that "since Governor Schaefer, every Governor has had a slogan on the Welcome to Maryland signs. From ‘Please Drive Gently’ to ‘Enjoy Your Visit’ to ‘We’re Open for Business,’ MDOT SHA updates the Welcome to Maryland signs by placing overlays on the existing signs with the new Governor’s name and/or slogan. "

The cost to produce each sign overlay was about $2,900, according to MDSHA. 

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Snow Hill US-13 at Virginia State Line (MDSHA)


A spokesperson for Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources indicated that they have little (if any) signage that bears the Governor’s name in state parks and went on to note that signage for parks and recreational areas is typically limited to the county name or "historically significant designee." Other states, such as New York State, incur a high cost when swapping out names at numerous state parks. 


Many people riding elevators in commercial or residential buildings across Maryland don’t pay much attention to the permits required to be posted inside them. Maryland's Department of Labor issues certificates of inspection for elevators as well as boilers, pressure valves, amusement park rides and more. 

According to a DOL spokesperson, printed certificates are changed out when they expire. In some cases, signs could feature former Gov. Larry Hogan and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford for some time. 

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