White Marlin Open: Bethesda angler wins record $4.5 million

A Bethesda man and his family have made history after winning a record $4.5 million prize at the annual White Marlin Open on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Jeremy Duffie reeled in a 77.5-pound (35.2-kilogram) white marlin on Friday's final day of the open while fishing on the Ocean City boat Billfisher. The number they needed to beat was 71 pounds.

Three generations of the family were onboard during the competition. In all, they earned more than $4.5 million.

Duffie described the joy of winning this prize with his family.

"As a family, grandparents, sisters and sisters-in-law, brothers, and friends, it’s something you’ll never be able to replace," says Duffie. "It’s like the Super Bowl of fishing for people like us who do it. You try to win this tournament your whole life."

There were several other contest categories, including the blue marlin and tuna divisions. Those winners each won over $1.2 million. The top blue marlin was 511 pounds (232 kilograms) and the top tuna was 247.5 pounds (112 kilograms).