Where to get your Christmas tree in the DMV amid supply shortage

Thanksgiving is here and people are already getting into the holiday spirit! According to the American Christmas Tree Association, 75% of households will get a Christmas tree. However, this year, they may be more difficult to find.

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Black Friday is the first big day of Christmas tree sales at Butler’s Orchard in Germantown. Last year, they sold out of Christmas trees in mid-December and closed early, so they’re recommending people come out early this year.

FOX 5’s Sierra Fox spoke with the General Manager of Butler's Orchard Tyler Butler who says there is a limited supply.

"The fact that there’s just so much demand. We all want this real tree right now, there’s a large portion of customers that really just want to have an experience like we offer here at Butler’s Orchard. Come out experience the farm, cut a tree down, create a tradition," said Butler.

Butler’s Orchard grows 40,000 Christmas trees on 40 acres of land. Butler says they plant about 4,000 to 5,000 Christmas trees a year.

It takes 6 to 8 years for them to reach a marketable size which is about six feet tall. They cut over 2,000 this year and expect to fully sell out because the demand is so high.

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On top of the Christmas tree shortage, they will also be more expensive this year. Butler says that is partially due to not having as many growers in the region.

Some farmers decided not to get back into the Christmas tree business.

"Good luck finding a tall tree this year, it’s very difficult when the demand is as high as it is customers are really not going to be able to find that tall tree because they’re being cut too fast to let that tree catch up," said Butler.

He adds people across the DC area should expect to pay about 35% more for their Christmas tree this year. However, Butler’s Orchard says they are eating some of that cost so customers will only see a 15% at the farm.

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"Consumers should come and be ready to pay a little bit more for their Christmas tree, but also understand all that work that goes into it. These Christmas trees grow one foot per year so these trees behind me have been here for 8 years so now finally I get to see customers come out with smiles on their face and enjoy it," said Butler.

You can cut your own tree at Butler’s Orchard and they have a pre-cut lot where they shake, wrap, and tie your Christmas tree for you.

They will be doing Holiday Harvest days where people can enjoy yummy food as well as hot apple cider, farm animals, and Santa will make an appearance every Sunday in December leading up to Christmas Day.


Visit their website here for specific details and times.