What's causing the purple glow at FedEx Field?

A purple glow coming from FedEx Field has been puzzling people on social media.

The glow has inspired many in the area, especially with overcast weather catching the violet light.

While many people have suspected the stadium has been taken over by aliens or is a tribute to pop legend Prince, FOX 5's Lauren DeMarco went to investigate.

Many followers have been curious along with the Fox 5 team, including Tony Perkins.

The purple skies could be seen for miles in Prince George's County, but many viewers were able to report back that the vibrant hues were coming from FedEx Field.

The Redskins reported back that they were preparing for any sort of special event, but instead are testing out new LED lights for the stadium.

While some in Maryland do support the Ravens and like the purple many fans wish the "purple haze" over Landover was more burgundy in honor of the beloved Redskins.