Weapons and ammunition found in Hyatt Hotel room, suspect arrested

Police say a man found with weapons and ammunition in his downtown Houston hotel room is not believed to have had any intention to carry out a violent act.

Police identified the man as 49-year-old Russell Lawrence Ziemba. Police say Ziemba faces charges of assault of a peace officer and criminal trespass.

Police were called to the Hyatt Regency - the site of Houston's famous New Year's Eve party - after a man had too much to drink and refused to leave the bar. Officers say he fought with security and they tried to escort him back to his room but he was kicked out of the hotel. When police arrived, they arrested him.

Officers went to his room on the 28th floor to get his things and that's when they made the discovery. Police found weapons -- including an assault rifle and a shotgun -- and ammunition.

Police say based upon interviews, the limited amount of ammunition and other investigative finding, no unlawful intent was found. Police say Ziemba told HPD he kept the guns in his hotel room so they wouldn't be stolen from his vehicle.

Hyatt Regency Houston released this statement: