Washington National Cathedral asks visitors to 'See Deeper' with week of unique programming

The Washington National Cathedral was transformed into a light show Monday night as it kicked off its annual 'Seeing Deeper,' week-long event. The program has a series of interactive activities aimed at putting the church in a new light and perspective.

Crews cleared out more than 3,000 chairs that sit in the nave and used more than 300 lights to create the experience. Light and shapes are projected onto the ceiling and walls of the cathedral.

The colors and patterns change about every 45 seconds.

Visitors took in the experience with their cameras and some even got on the floor to look straight up at the projections.

"It's just such a beautiful space to start with, but when they add in all these lights it just adds all these dimensions that I've never really thought of before," said Laurie Geller.

Rev. Randy Hollerith says the light show is the most popular event of Seeing Deeper, which runs through Friday.

"It takes quite a bit of time and energy to set it up. We have a great events staff who works with some vendors to help us with the lights and then as you can imagine just moving all the chairs from this massive space takes a while," said Rev. Hollerith.

There are more events each night this week, including yoga, a cosmic mass and a Friday double feature. All events are taking place inside the cathedral's nave.

More information about Seeing Deeper can be found on the Washington National Cathedral website.