Ward 1 residents launch recall campaign against Councilmember Brianne Nadeau

There is now a second effort underway to recall a sitting D.C. council member as residents in Ward 1 mount a campaign against Brianne Nadeau — just weeks after residents in Ward 6 launched an effort to get rid of Charles Allen. 

Ward 1 encompasses Columbia Heights, U Street, and Adams Morgan, among other neighborhoods. Ward 6 includes H Street Northeast, Capitol Hill, and the Southwest Waterfront. There are different neighborhoods, different quadrants, and different council members, but one big complaint from the residents mounting these recall efforts. 

"Not surprised that they started a recall effort as well. Everything boils down to crime," said April Brown, treasurer for Recall Charles Allen. "My mom was carjacked in 2020 by four juveniles who had a gun to her head. Charles Allen's policies have created a mess." 

Ward 1 residents launch recall campaign against Councilmember Brianne Nadeau

The committee to recall Charles Allen told FOX 5 they now have over 600 volunteers and have raised over $90,000. The committee to recall Brianne Nadeau filed official paperwork with D.C.'s campaign finance office on Tuesday. They echo the Allen team, telling FOX 5 that crime is their focus for the recall effort. While crime has soared, they say Nadeau voted to defend the police and reduce penalties for violent criminals. 

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Councilwoman Nadeau emphasizes that just over a year ago, Ward 1 residents elected her to four more years. She says public safety remains her top priority and acknowledges the dramatic and unacceptable rise in crime, saying each year she invests millions in public safety initiatives. 

Allen and Nadeau both joined the council in 2015 and are serving third terms. Nadeau was elected with nearly 80% of the vote and Allen a whopping 94%.

FOX 5 asked the Recall Allen committee about those results and why not wait until 2026 to mount a challenge. 

"We can't wait two more years to do something. People need to stand up," said Moses Mercado, field director for Recall Charles Allen. "You know the old adage evil prevails when good people do nothing, and I think what you're seeing is people are finding their voice and saying 'yes, we can do something." 


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The Secure DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2024 unanimously passed the D.C. Council Tuesday evening. 

FOX 5 has reached out to Councilmember Allen for comment but have not yet heard back. 

To get what they want, the committees will have to first get signatures from 10% of the registered voters in each ward. A council member has never been successfully recalled before.