Wakefield HS reopens after overdose death; increased police after 'concerning' online posts

New concerns at an Arlington high school that reopened Monday after a suspected student overdose death, and a number of other troubling incidents last week, forced classes to be canceled Friday.

School officials at Wakefield High School say they are now dealing with a new possible online danger.  In a letter to the school community Sunday, school principal, Dr. Chris Willmore, said school officials "are aware of concerning social media posts circulating" and said a heightened police presence will be at the school for arrival and dismissal.

"The safety and security of our students and staff is our priority and we will keep you informed of any developments as we are able," Willmore said.

The latest concern comes as parents have demanded transparency about what’s happening inside Wakefield High School and say school officials need to do more to address what they say is a known drug problem.

Last Tuesday a teenage student was found unconscious in a bathroom inside the school. Sergio Flores, a freshman, was taken to the hospital after he apparently overdosed on drugs. He died Thursday.

School officials made the decision to close Friday in response to the student’s apparent overdose, two separate lockdowns, and an incident where a trespasser entered the school.

Police say 18-year-old Kenan Owens faces firearm, trespassing, and stalking charges after they say he Entered the school and attempted to find a juvenile following an ongoing dispute.

Emotions ran high at Thursday night's school board meeting with parents who were demanding action from Arlington Public Schools. One parent told FOX 5 that emails with vague descriptions of incidents like the suspected overdose are not enough.

On Friday morning, a march was held outside the school, where families came together to support each other and advocate for helping children with addiction.