Virginia, Maryland named eight and ninth most romantic states

Maryland has been named the ninth most romantic state in the country – but the state that comes in at number one may come as a surprise. 

Jewelry designer Mark Broumand analyzed Google search data for terms like ‘engagement rings’, ‘romantic getaways’, ‘florists near me’, and ‘romantic restaurants,' and compared the results against the population of each state to see which states were searching for the most ‘romantic’ terms.

Coming in as the most romantic state in the country? New Jersey. 

Yes, New Jersey, the quintessential suburban state, known for beach towns such as Atlantic City and Seaside Heights (as shown on the Jersey Shore.) New Jerseyans are searching for terms like ‘wedding venues' and ‘romantic restaurants.’ 

Virginia is for lovers, but is the eighth most romantic state according to the list. Virginians are searching for ‘engagement rings,’ ‘florists near me,’ and ‘wedding venues.’

Maryland came in number nine, with similar searches as nearby Virginia –  ‘engagement rings,’ ‘florists near me,’ and ‘wedding venues.’