Virginia man posts daily trick shots on social media amid coronavirus outbreak

Eddie Schill isn’t going to let the coronavirus outbreak ruin his leisure time.

While most people are stuck inside, Schill has spent most of his time at his backyard basketball hoop.

For almost two weeks, he’s been posting trick shots on social media.

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“Growing up, me and my best friend, we used to always play horse and we would always try to outdo one another,” says Schill.

On his Facebook page, Schill can be seen hitting basketballs with baseball bats into the hoop, he’s perfected the bounce shot, he even netted a shot from off of hit shed roof.

 Schill says his satisfaction doesn’t come from making shots, rather, it comes from responses he gets online from people who say their day has been brightened.

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“First responders have said, hey man these are great. He’s like, I show them to all my buddies at work or all of my fellow nurses and they love seeing them. Keep em coming,” says Schill.

To suggest a new shot for Schill, just visit his Facebook page and comment on his wall.