Vigil held for dogs killed in District Dogs flooding

A vigil was held at Alethia Tanner Park in D.C. Thursday night to support families who lost their pets in a flooding at a dog daycare.

Ten dogs were killed as floodwaters poured into the District Dogs located on Rhode Island Avenue during severe storms early Monday evening.

Owners of the pets who were killed feel the city shares responsibility but are also furious with District Dogs owner, Jacob Hensley.

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District Dogs 

The owners have made it clear that they are not upset with the staff, who saved the lives of several dogs while also trying to get themselves to safety. They are upset with the company's leadership.

The ownership of District Dogs have continued to offer their condolences, saying they have spoken with all the pet parents who lost their dogs and have defended the actions of their staff members during the emergency.

The vigil took place at 8 p.m. and was organized by the Eckington Dog Park.