Victim's family wonders how man on FBI's Most Wanted list could hide in plain sight

How could one of the country's 10 most wanted fugitives elude police for years, living just blocks from FBI headquarters?

Lamont Stephenson has been on the run since 2014 for murdering his then fiancee and her dog in New Jersey.

He's now in Federal custody, and he's now suspected in the murder of another woman.

FBI detectives have been searching for Stephenson for five years.

But he was under their noses all along - living in a D.C. homeless shelter.

Jennifer Wallace's daughter is one of Stephenson's alleged victims.

"I'm past the part that my daughter is gone…but after seeing the pictures…wondering did she suffer…and how she was beaten," she said.

Wallace just wants to know why. She thought Stephenson made her daughter happy - but now he's under arrest after being hunted by the FBI.

"I lost her but I hope society has gained some relief knowing he's off the street," Wallace said. "He was nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Her daughter, Natina Kiah, was found dead in Southeast, stabbed along with her cat.

On Thursday, Prince George's County police arrested Stephenson.

He's been on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List since 2014 for killing his fiancee and her dog in Newark, N.J.

Investigators believe he had been in the D.C. region for years.

They say Stephenson met Kiah at the men's shelter off of New York Avenue. He had been living at the shelter, and she worked there as a security guard.

A former co-worker did not want to talk on camera, but told FOX 5 that Stephenson went bv the name Leon Jackson.

She says the facility does not require ID from its residents.