Vandals used fireworks to spark an explosion and fire at a MD home

Prince George's County- Vandals used fireworks to spark an explosion and fire at a home in Riverdale, and it was all caught on camera.

Security footage shows two shirtless young men approaching the home in the Riverdale Hills neighborhood. One stays at the gate while the other lights the fireworks on the porch causing two large explosions.

You can hear laughter and screams as the guys run away, possibly with others.

The homeowners said they have no idea who the guys are and why they would be targeted.

"Why would you do something like this? It's just senseless," said Lavonia, who lives in the home and didn't want to give her last name.

It was 2 a.m. Saturday when her home was shaken by the blasts. She and her roommate hadn't gone to bed yet.

"The whole house would've caught on fire if we didnt catch the fire in time," she said. "We were thinking, 'What if we came (outside), not paying attention to the monitors, opened the door, and that could've exploded and killed someone.'"

Lavonia said the bomb squad responded, and investigators told her the fireworks used were M80s which are illegal in Maryland and many other states because they're so powerful.

Besides burning a hole in the front of the house, damaging siding and shattering the glass door, the blasts even cracked the wall inside.

Neighbors a block away heard the explosions.

"I've talked to numerous neighbors who were woken up from a dead sleep," said neighbor Beth Reed. "Everybody's looking out thinking it was a car bomb."

"People are scared," said Lavonia. "Like who could be targeted next?"

She said she's hoping someone will recognize the guys in the video and help bring them to justice.

Prince George's County Fire says an investigation is underway and anyone with information should call 301-77-ARSON.