Trump takes dig at "The Apprentice" host, Arnold Schwarzenegger; Arnold fires back

(AP) -- President Donald Trump says he'll work to "get rid of and totally destroy" a provision that bars churches and other tax-exempt organizations from supporting candidates for political office.

Trump -- in an appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington -- says religious freedom is a "sacred right." He's not saying how or when he'd try to repeal what's known as the Johnson Amendment -- after then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, who pushed for it to be enacted.

Trump thanked Americans for their prayers as he begins his administration, saying they've been a "constant source of strength."

The president also took a dig at Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's the new host of "The Apprentice," the show Trump previously hosted. Trump says that since Schwarzenegger took over, the show's rating have been down, and Trump asked the audience to "pray for Arnold."

Schwarzenegger fired back in a tweet telling Trump that they should switch jobs.

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