Trump, Clinton in full force campaign mode on eve of 2016 presidential election

A Donald Trump rally scheduled for Sunday night in Virginia didn't start until early Monday morning after the GOP nominee took the stage nearly three hours late.

Trump took the stage around 12:30 a.m. He started the day campaigning in Colorado. He also held campaign events in Iowa Michigan and Pennsylvania.

At the rally, Trump accused Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe of acting "illegally" to return voting rights to convicted felons who've served their sentences. He told supporters that the governor is "letting criminals cancel out the votes of law-abiding citizens."

"We are going to have one of the great victories of all time," Trump said, comparing it to the "Brexit" vote by The UK to leave the European Union "times 50."

Trump's campaign manager says the Republican presidential candidate plans to keep up the breakneck campaign pace through Election Day tomorrow. Today he'll travel to Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. And after Trump votes tomorrow in New York, he'll travel to several states. Ivanka Trump will campaign for her father by participating in two town hall events in Manassas on Monday.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is also going full force. She'll be joined by her husband, President Barack Obama and the first lady at a rally this evening in Philadelphia. Clinton will also be campaigning in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Pittsburgh and Raleigh, North Carolina. Clinton running mate Tim Kaine will rally supporters at George Mason University on Monday and in Richmond later in the evening.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.