Tropical Storm Isaias brought destructive tornadoes, flooding and power outages to parts of Maryland

Tropical Storm Isaias roared up the coast unleashing damaging winds, heavy rain and three destructive tornadoes. One of which, according to the National Weather Service, touched down in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

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"You could see it coming off the bay, you can see a funnel it came right through and started tearing things up, it came right at us," said Robbie Deyermond.

As the fast moving tornado ripped through the Calvert county neighborhood, Deyermond said he and his family ran to the basement, all the while concerned for his neighbors who came close to being crushed by a falling tree.

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"The velocity of it was so much more intense than the actual tropical storm, it was very scary very scary," said Deyermond.

Up the road, a massive tree came crashing down on Sonia Wagner’s home. The tree’s branches piercing through her bedroom, as she was taking cover in a powder room just feet away from her bed.

"Literally you could hear the glass splintering, the glass breaking," said Wagner.

From uprooted trees to downed power lines. Wagner is one of thousands of households now sitting in the dark, after losing power. As of 10pm Tuesday, there were roughly 2500 still without power in the county.

"Our transformer on this whole side of the street is down, so I’m expecting two or three days before we get power back up," she said.

Wagner says the damage is dramatic, and it couldn’t come at a worst time, when everyone is still grappling with a global pandemic.

"It’s just amazing to me in 2020 what people are having to live through," said Wagner.

Neighbors are now picking up the pieces, grateful to have survived Mother Nature’s path of destruction.

"I can’t put in words, the amount of gratitude I hold," she said.

Utility companies are working around the clock tonight to restore power as quickly as possible.

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