‘The Intentional’ charity golf tournament helps support children with rare diseases

It’s a charity golf tournament for a unique cause! The Intentional, an organization run by former professional football player Brian Mitchell to support various causes, but now will help children born with rare disease.

James and Carrie Roberts are parents to Hudson, a 5-year-old born with a rare disease. Hudson's journey inspired the organization, Miracle of Hudson.

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‘The Intentional’ charity golf tournament helps support 'Miracle of Hudson' and children with rare diseases

Mitchell and Roberts family's teamed up for the charity event that will benefit Miracle of Hudson by raising money to make sure all rare disease babies and their family have access to a nurse navigator who's only concern is the best possible outcome for the patient while improving the overall experience that the parents and family.

FOX 5’s David Kaplan and General Manager Patrick Paolini are participating in the tournament at Lakewood Country Club in Rockville where over 200 people are expected to join.

The charity event hope to raise $300,000 for the cause.