Suspected drunken driver plows into parked car that smashes into Montgomery County home

A Montgomery County family got quite the surprise when their car smashed through the front of their house.

"We open the door and we see a car with lights flashing and this moaning and whining," said homeowner Theodore Ravas.

He was at his home on Staleybridge Road with his wife and 3-month-old son at around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when he heard a loud noise. When he opened his front door, he saw his blue Subaru Impreza wedged into his house.

"If you look on the right side of the car, it doesn't look that damaged," said Ravas. "Then if you look on the other side, it's pretty much totaled. So yeah, it's heartbreaking."

Ravas said the driver lost control and mowed down a few mailboxes before hitting a tree, which sent the car flying through his front yard. It ran over bushes before hitting his car, which was parked in the driveway.

The impact was so intense that it propelled the car several feet into the house.

"If my car wasn't there, they might have plowed right through or plowed into the next yard," Ravas said. "Objects - they can all be replaced. And thank God no life was lost."

He said the driver was flailing around incoherent and later had to be restrained by first responders.

"He actually was threatening towards me," Ravas described. "He had picked up a piece of debris and was swinging it at me."

Neighbors said speeding is a big problem along their street.

"It's very dangerous," said Carlos Gomez. "Our kids cannot come out in the street and play because we don't let them for that reason."

That is why neighbors are now planning to petition the county to commission a traffic study and come up with a solution.

"We would like the county to at least put speed bumps on the streets or speed cameras," said Gomez.

County officials said this street is not on their radar or considered a traffic hot-spot. They said there are a number of factors they consider before taking action, including the severity and number of accidents. Even if residents in this neighborhood petition the county, there is a chance Montgomery County will not act because it doesn't meet their criteria.

No one was hurt in the crash, including the driver, who is now facing DUI charges.