Surveillance video catches man allegedly stealing packages from Montgomery Village home doorstep

An alleged thief was caught on camera in broad daylight as he stole two packages from a Montgomery Village, Maryland home on Monday.

Juan Sandoval, a Montgomery Village resident, purchased his home just seven months ago. On Monday, Sandoval got an alert from security that someone was getting close to his house. At that point, he turned to his phone to check his security cameras. Sandoval watched the robbery live on his cell phone.

The security camera that Sandoval has on his porch looks like a light, but is actually a security system operated by KUNA, a Video Camera and Smart Technology device that live streams video from your home to your phone. It allows you to receive real-time notifications when a visitor is detected at your door. When motion is detected, push notifications are sent via the KUNA mobile app to your smart phone.

Sandoval filed a police report with Montgomery County Police and is hoping that officials can catch the man who did this.