Surveillance camera captures brazen daytime shooting in Southeast DC

D.C. Police have released an astonishing video showing a gunman in full view of a high definition surveillance camera shooting someone in Southeast.

It happened back in December on Buena Vista Terrace in the early afternoon.

Investigators say it was Sunday, Dec. 22 at about 2:45 p.m. when the gunman pulled a pistol from his pocket and, seeing someone he was after up the street, opens fire at least twice before running out into the street and firing several more times. Police say a person was hit  by the gunfire and wounded and then the video shows the gunman simply turning his back, pocketing the pistol and walking down the street in full view of the camera.

It's just another in a long line of shootings that has D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C. police deeply frustrated.

Every week, the police department releases a list of weapons it has taken off the streets in searches and arrests.

Some of them are ghost guns, homemade firearms without serial numbers and therefor untraceable. Others are assault weapons and pistols with extended magazines.

And what are these guns fetching on the streets? A recently filed search warrant in Federal Court lists street sales of $700 for a 40-caliber pistol and $500 for a 9 milimeter. .380's are going for $400, while .25 caliber pistols can fetch as much as $350.

Bowser says the majority of these crime guns are coming from Virginia, where she has asked lawmakers to enact new gun laws.

In an interview with FOX 5 Tuesday, the Mayor had this reaction to the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee passing four new gun laws and sending them to the full body:

"I'm very pleased that the lawmakers are listening to their residents who aren't saying they want to violate second amendment rights, but they are saying that we can support second amendment rights and have responsible common sense gun reform."

The four bills the committee passed included a "red flag" law and a return to a law that will restrict Virginians to sales of one handgun a month.

"We know that Virginia is not the only culprit," said Bowser, "we saw the same in Maryland but Maryland changed its laws and we have seen a reduction of illegal guns coming into the District from Maryland".

Last year D.C. police confiscated 113 ghost guns. A huge jump over the number seized the previous year.