Students return to class, basketball games held at Frederick High School 2 days after shooting

There was an increased security presence during basketball games held at Frederick High School Friday night. It comes just two days after gunfire broke out during a junior varsity basketball game Wednesday night . Two teenagers were shot, but are expected to survive.

School officials say class attendance at the school on Friday was more than 90 percent. At the junior varsity basketball game, it wasn't packed, but there were about 200 people in attendance and more were expected for the varsity game.

The school system is clearly pushing for everything to get back to routine, but so far, there have been no arrests and the investigation continues.

"I heard people saying gunshots, so I just ran to the locker room where everybody was running, and we went to the cafeteria," said eleventh grader Marc Larios. "Yeah, that day was just shocking."

Some of the same students who were present when shots rang out outside at the school's gymnasium were back two nights later cheering on the boys' junior varsity basketball team.

The attendees were placed on lockdown after the shooting on Wednesday and it was hours before some of them were released to their parents.

"They did a good job protecting us and locking down the school," Larios told us. "And today, they are doing a good job again."

One of the shooting victims was a 14-year-old who attends Governor Thomas Johnson High School, the opponent of Frederick High School Wednesday night.

Family members didn't want to comment on camera, but told us although the boy was shot in the back, he is expected to make a full recovery.

The other victim, also a high school student, should make a full recovery as well.

In the meantime, the search continues for a suspect.

"We do believe that there may be people in the community that have other information that have not come forward to the police and we are asking them to come forward at this time," said Sgt. Aaron Lapp of the Frederick Police Department.

Frederick High School was closed Thursday so police could comb the campus for evidence. But classes were back on Friday and officials say extra security is in place and students are eager to get back to normal.

"They were excited, they were wearing their school colors, so they were showing a lot of pride in their school," said Michael Doerrer of Frederick County Public Schools.

"People were ready to come to this game," said Larios. "Everybody says we are one family. We are FHS. We're strong."

Schools officials say the increased police presence will continue at both Frederick and Thomas Johnson high schools as the investigation continues.

Police have yet to release a motive and are still searching for suspect. They are also asking anyone who was at the game Wednesday night and took photos or video to contact them.