Senior residents, senior high school students gather to discuss presidential race

The race for the White House for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is down to the last six days and it promises to be an election for the ages. But it turns out some voters of different ages are drawing the same conclusions over our politics these days and they don't like what they are hearing.

Senior residents at the Spring Hills Mount Vernon assisted living community in Alexandria, Virginia, and senior high school students studying politics at Hayfield Secondary School gathered together Wednesday for a one-of-a-kind meetup to discuss this presidential election.

Some of the seniors in this group said they cast their first vote for president when Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for the White House while some of these students will be casting their ballot for the first time ever.

But one thing they both agreed on in this forum is that there has been way too much fighting and arguing, and not enough about offering solutions to the problems both old and young people face in their everyday lives.

"I'm afraid we're going to have tyranny," said one senior resident.

"We have to work on building ourselves into better people so we can set a good example," said one teenage student.

Another Spring Hills resident gave the students some key advice when it comes to navigating this race: "Whatever you do, read!"

"Nowadays, this is a new generation that is totally different than it was back in the day when I was coming up," said another elderly voter.

One student told FOX 5 that he has gotten to the point that his social media accounts have been overwhelmed by political posts for and against the candidates.

These senior residents said they have been engaged in heated back and forth conversations as well. However, unlike their younger counterparts, those debates are not online, but face to face.