Seat Pleasant police officers help deliver twin girls

After stopping to help a woman in distress, two Seat Pleasant police officers wound up helping her deliver a baby. 

According to the Seat Pleasant Police Department, Sergeant Singleton and Officer Griffith noticed a woman walking along East Capitol Street in the City of Seat Pleasant carrying a child during the 
early-morning rainstorm. 

The concerned officers observed the woman standing behind a shopping center. Officials say the officers determined that the woman was carrying an infant and appeared to be homeless. 

While officers were speaking with the woman, they could tell that she may have been suffering from a mental health crisis.


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The officers convinced the woman to be taken to a nearby shelter, and the woman agreed. When they arrived at the shelter, Sergeant Singleton noticed that the woman was 
uncomfortable and in pain. 

As Sergeant Singleton checked on the woman, she saw that the woman was in the process of giving birth to a second child in the police cruiser. The officers immediately called for help and assisted in delivering a healthy baby girl. 

Officials say the mom and both baby girls were taken to a local hospital where they are now safe, resting, and in good health.

Officers confirmed with doctors that the infant the woman was carrying was born soon before the officers located the woman.