How families are handling the end of pandemic-era free school meals

The pandemic-era federal aid that made school meals available for free to all public school students — regardless of family income levels — is ending, raising fears about the effects in the upcoming school year for families already struggling with rising food and fuel costs.

Pediatricians warn of blackout period for vaccines

Pfizer announced Wednesday its COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children as young as 12. But pediatricians are reminding parents – the coronavirus vaccine isn’t the only one that matters.

Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine? Some medical experts are saying 'yes'

Pregnant women and young children were not included in the original U.S. clinical trials, so there's no safety data available yet – but based on some early research, Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying there have been no red flags seen in the more than 10,000 pregnant women who have received the coronavirus vaccine thus far.