Seafood fraud investigation finds 1 in 5 fish mislabeled in US

Seafood fraud is still a problem in the U.S., despite a 2018 government program attempting to curb the practice, a new study has found.

The report, published Thursday by advocacy group Oceana, found that 21 percent of fish not under the Seafood Import Monitoring Program are mislabeled in grocery stores and restaurants.

The organization tested 449 fish from more than 250 grocery stores, markets and restaurants in 24 states and Washington, D.C. between March and August 2018.

They analyzed fish that were not included in the government's traceability program, which only covers 13 species of fish, though even those fish are only tracked from the boat to the U.S. border.

Beth Lowell, Oceana Deputy VP of US campaigns and an author of the report, John Rorapaugh, Sustainable Director of Profish, and Danny Greenbaum, Fishmonger at The Market at Ivy City Smokehouse, joined FOX 5 with a look at the report and fish comparisons so that you can know what to look for. (WATCH THEIR INVERVIEWS IN THE VIDEO PLAYER ABOVE)

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