Robots bringing George Mason University students food delivery

George Mason University recently became the first college to employ robots for a new meal delivery technology.

A West Coast based company named Starship Technologies and its robots are taking over the mobile delivery business at George Mason University.

"We have about 25 robots that are delivering. We had over 100 orders that were already placed as of today," said Jeff McKinley of Sodexo.

Sodexo - the campus dining company - has partnered with Starship to bring the munchies straight to hungry college students.

The robots have testing on campus for weeks.

They swap out their batteries and use GPS, cameras, and sensors to navigate obstacles - including traffic.

After looking twice, some students told FOX 5 they plan to take advantage of the automated delivery boxes and their convenience.

For those willing to give it a try, robots deliver all over the campus. Currently, students can choose from Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Blaze Pizza, and even a campus grocery store.