Residents live with murky water for weeks at Waldorf apartment complex

Residents at a Charles County apartment complex say they've been dealing with dirty water for weeks. It's forced some residents to take showers at the homes of relatives miles away.

Traci Short, a tenant at the Wakefield Terrace Apartments in Waldorf, sent a video to FOX 5 after a neighbor complained to her about their dirty water. In the video, you can see the brown tint of the water that is coming out of the bathtub and bathroom sink.

On Thursday, FOX 5 came to the apartment to see how the water looks in person. Once Short filled up a cup, you could see just how cloudy the water is.

FOX 5 asked Short how the murky water has affected her life and she told us it's added an extra level of stress to her daily routine.

"No one wants to have to drive 40 and 50 minutes just to go take a shower or no one should have to deal with their apartment looking like trash because maintenance don't want to keep up on something when they're paying rent," said Short.

FOX 5 contacted the owners of the apartment complex and they told us the health and safety of their tenants is at their highest priority. They sent FOX 5 a statement saying the following:

"We were made aware of a water discoloration issue at our property by some residents earlier this week. The issue was caused by an annual sprinkler test as a part of our regular maintenance protocol. Our maintenance technicians resolved the water discoloration issues with residents who reported they were having this problem. We are unaware of any long-term water discoloration issues prior to this week."

Management informed FOX 5 that maintenance will be checking with tenants by the end of the day to make sure their water is clean.