Process details how hospitalized, quarantined Marylanders can vote in 2020 election

The Maryland State Board of Elections shared the process Friday by which people who are hospitalized or quarantined can vote in the 2020 election.

“With the number of COVID-19 cases rising in some locations, it is important for hospitalized or quarantined voters to know they can still cast their ballots,” says Maryland State Board of Elections Administrator Linda Lamone. “Election officials have a detailed process in place for voters in either of these situations to ensure they can complete ballots in time to be counted.”

The first step in the process is for an individual to bring the hospitalized or quarantined voter a ballot request form, which can be obtained online or from the voter’s local board of elections office. Contact information for all local boards of elections be found online

The voter then fills out of the Designation of Agent form available online and designates someone to serve as the voter’s agent.

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The voter’s agent takes the completed ballot request and agent forms to the local board of elections in the voter’s county of residence. The local board provides the agent with a ballot packet, which the agent delivers to the voter. The voter fills out the ballot, puts the voted ballot in the envelope, signs the voter oath and seals the return envelope.

If the voter requires assistance voting or signing the oath, the voter’s agent or another person can help the voter. The person providing the assistance must complete the Certificate of Assistance form that is included with the ballot packet.

Once the ballot is completed, the oath on the return envelope must be signed. The ballot must be sealed in the return envelope. The voter or agent can then submit the ballot by:
- Dropping it in an authorized ballot drop box. A list of all drop box locations in Maryland can be found online
- Hand-delivering the ballot to the local board of elections office.
- Mailing the ballot back, provided it is postmarked by November 3. Due to ongoing United States Postal Service delivery delays, the Maryland State Board of Elections recommends avoiding this method of submission.

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According to the Maryland Elections Twitter page, the unofficial count for day five of early voting is more than 36,500.