Prince William County considers adding traffic cameras at intersections, schools, construction zones

Officials in Prince William County, Virginia are considering adding traffic cameras in certain areas like construction sites and school zones.

The county's Board of Supervisors is considering a plan that wants to add red light and speed cameras at eight intersections, eight school zones, and one roaming construction zone.

This comes after researchers collected data on driving infractions in the county last summer. 

The data revealed construction sites, school zones, and intersections were areas where violations were happening most.


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Officials found that during the study, 25 percent of drivers were spotted speeding in school zones, four percent were found speeding in construction zones. 

They also noticed that in a 24-hour stretch more than 6500 violations were spotted at eight county intersections.

Under the pilot project, drivers going ten miles-per-hour over the speed limit in school or construction zones could face a $100 fine, and a $50 fine for those who enter an intersection after the light has turned red.

None of the penalties would impact a driver's record.

Prince William County resident's FOX 5 spoke with were split on the idea.

"The school zones maybe, but the other ones? I just think it’s a trap," Alicia Traynham tells FOX 5.

But other like Joseph Jackson countered saying it's "a good thing, to keep people in check."


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If the pilot project is approved by the county's Board of Supervisors, it would start this summer.