Prince George's County school board calls on Skins to give Kaepernick a chance

The Redskins are hurting - hurting when it comes to injuries and quarterbacks.

They're on their fourth string signal caller at this point.

But there's a professional quarterback sitting out there not being used, and half of Prince George's County's School Board - seven members - wrote a letter asking that the Redskins give Colin Kaepernick a tryout immediately.

Kaepernick prompted nationwide debate for kneeling during the National Anthem before NFL games to protest racism and police brutality.

No team has hired him since he left the San Francisco 49ers after the 2016 season, and filed a lawsuit against the NFL for allegedly colluding to keep him off the field.

The Redskins play at FedEx Field in Prince George's County, and school board members say that while they feel Kaepernick's skills would be an asset for the team, the reason they sent the letter goes far beyond football.

"The need of a quarterback is so significant. The fact they won't sign him because he's chosen to fight for what he believes in. I think it's really sad," said Prince George's County school board member David Murray,

The Washington Post reported that the Redskins considered bringing on Kaepernick, but then changed their minds.

So far, the team has not responded to the letter from the school board.

Yahoo! Sports says Kaepernick would consider joining the team if he received an offer.