Prince George's County police officer says he was assaulted outside bar in downtown Annapolis

An off-duty Prince George's County police officer said he was assaulted outside a bar in downtown Annapolis over the Thanksgiving weekend after a dispute over a credit card, according to officials.

The officer was with two other off-duty officers at the Acme Bar and Grill on Main Street the evening of Nov. 24 when the dispute over the credit card began.

"The officer was in the bar he thought the credit card had been stolen at," Sgt. Amy Miguez with the Annapolis Police Department said. "He looked around for the card and could not find it. He looked around where he was and saw a man standing close to him. He accused the person of maybe stealing the card. The altercation starts between the two of them, verbal is what we have heard, and at that point, the Prince George's County officer is asked to leave."

Annapolis police said the off-duty officer left the bar but returned later in hopes of finding his card.
"And it was at that point that this whole situation started where someone saw him outside armed, told our officer and we came out," Miguez explained.

Annapolis police said the bars were emptying out and there was an altercation in the street before a uniformed Annapolis officer noticed a gun in the waistband of the off-duty officer and disarmed him.
No one was arrested and Annapolis police said they were attempting to sort out exactly what happened.

"The information that we have is that an assault may have occurred outside the Acme during this period where the officer returned to locate the credit card and when we came in contact with him, when our officer arrived on scene there was no assault occurring or a fight, but there was a large group of people and we believed there may have been an assault," Miguez detailed.

Investigators were reviewing surveillance camera footage in hopes of identifying the people involved.
"We don't believe that there are going to be any criminal charges that arise against the Prince George's County police officers, but we do believe they may have been victims of an assault," Miguez said.

Prince George's County police said two of the off-duty officers are members of the emergency response team and they are still on the job. They have not had their police powers revoked and they were not involved in Saturday's shooting inside a home in Brandywine where two officers were injured in an unintentional discharge of a weapon, according to officials.