Prince George's County family receives box of COVID-19 test specimens meant for DC lab

An alarming delivery mix up caused a Prince George's County family to receive a box of COVID-19 test specimens meant for a D.C. lab.

The UPS box, that was sent from a facility in Tampa, Florida, contained small plastics bags marked 'BIOHAZARD' with samples inside. While one label on the box was addressed to Curative DC Lab in Northeast, there are two additional labels with the Bowie address for Tia Hunt's daughter.

"Because she just started a new job in the medical field as well, she thought that it was something work-related which is why she opened it," said Hunt.

Hunt said her daughter got a second package that same day which was meant for her which may explain the label error on the laboratory box.

After the family realized what was in the box, Hunt said she started making calls to figure out what to do. She said she called county and state health officials and contacted UPS. She said when she told UPS what was in the box, and that it was opened, she was told no one would come to get it.

Hunt then reached out to Hillsborough County Developmental Center, the home for the disabled that sent the tests out over a week ago. Hunt provided the email chain to FOX 5's Lindsay Watts that indicates the facility was waiting on delivery confirmation to the lab and now is retesting those impacted.

"They are retesting their patients, but in the interim, I'm stuck with a package that I know just from being in the public health arena not to just throw the package in the garbage," said Hunt. "The last resort my husband was like, 'I'm contacting Fox 5!' And here we are."

Following our report, a driver with Curative arrived at the home to pick up the package Monday afternoon. 


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