Police investigating large brawl at Suitland High School

Prince George's County Public Schools officials are taking action after a weapon was brandished during a school fight.

According to district officials, the incident happened after school Tuesday at Suitland High School.

The large fight was captured on video and sent to FOX 5. In the video, several students are seen punching each other while others film with their cell phones.

School district officials tell FOX 5 the students planned the fight and positioned themselves between buses so they were not immediately seen by security officers in the area. Once the school's security officers saw the fight, they broke it up.

According to a letter emailed to parents, a weapon was used during the brawl and three people got hurt.

FOX 5 showed the video to several parents at Suitland High School who said they hadn't seen the email.

"It's scary," said one parent. "I mean, it's something to think about. To have my daughter come here every day and deal with stuff like this."

"Wow," said another parent reacting to the video. "It's rough. It's rough."

District officials tell FOX 5 the students involved have been identified and will be disciplined. According to the student code of conduct, that discipline could range from suspension to expulsion. At least one person could be facing charges for the weapon.

Prince George's County police confirmed the school's special police officer (SPO) responded to the incident and not the school resource officer (SRO).

The SRO is employed through the police department, whereas the SPO is employed through the school. Both have the ability to file charges.